First prototype iteration

In this week’s assignment we had to develop a functional software prototype. The software prototype is supposed to be a horizontal prototype, which means to offer a broad set of functionalities instead of making every detail perfect. We decided to focus on creating cases and investigation data and left out other parts like displaying the data on a timeline or on a map.

We produced a short demonstation video for the prototype which has been published in a separate blog post.


During the implementation we made some minor changes to the design compared to the paper prototype. First of all, we decided to make a location rather a property of an investigation entity instead of making it an entity itself. We found that there would be too many entities if we wanted the locations to be precise because this would mean that almost every entity would have an associated location entity for itself.

At first we wanted each type of entity to have its own set of predefined properties. This would cause a lack of flexibility. So instead, investigators are able to attach an arbitrary number of properties to any type of entity. The entity type is now only important for distinguishing entities.

In the paper prototype the user had to import photos before creating the entities. In our opinion, this is confusing as many people are likely to think that the photos are already entities. Therefore the user now has to attach photos to entities.

Task breakdown

  • David
    • Software development
    • Creating video of prototype
    • Blog post
  • Lukas
    • Software development
    • Creating video of prototype
    • Blog post
  • Marcel
    • Software development

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